The Role in Nitric Oxide in the Erection Process
And How Help May Be on the Way Against Dysfunction

There isn’t much about hearing the words “nitric oxide” that will make you associate them with a great erection and lust-filled sex. Cock ring and sex toys, yes, but nitric oxide? Hardly. But here’s the thing: nitric oxide plays a role in targeting powerful male erections, and this has been known for years now.

According to recent research reported by the Huffington Post, the role of nitric oxide in improving the quality of erections may be far clearer now than before. In fact, these new data may lead scientists to discover new and effective treatments for erectile dysfunction, an affliction that affects a portion of the population long-term (even those under age 25!).

Triggering Powerful Erections

The study focused on mice as subjects, and saw a complex positive feedback loop in the penile nerves, triggering waves of nitric oxide to help the penis stay erect. Once there is an initial release of nitric oxide, there sustains a number of nerve impulses that start in the brain or from being physically stimulated. Owe it to phosphorylation, a certain biochemical process that makes sure nitric oxide is continued to be release for erection maintenance.

Specifically, nitric oxide is used by your blood vessels to signal muscles all around to relax. This increases blood flow, a prerequisite to staying rock-hard for sex. This biochemical loop will aid scientists in formulating new treatments that enhance that target phosphorylation, intervening early on to incite arousal and fight erectile dysfunction.

For instance, a treatment that researchers are eyeing includes forskolin, an herbal compound that can help nitric oxide pumping. This is especially important for men suffering from age-linked erectile dysfunction, where there is less availability of nitric oxide.

Do It Mechanically: The Role of Cock Rings

While medicine is yet to come up with a new treatment, there is existing mechanical help available: cock rings that trigger powerful erection and sexual reaction through the principle of constriction. Closed horse shoe cockrings particularly fit the male anatomy marvelously, and they are made of high-grade stainless steel for the right feel and fit and best results you can get.

Reminders in condom cockring use include wearing it only during sex, or only around 30 minutes at a time. refrain from having it on while sleeping, since any unwanted erection may result in pain. Your cock should also be fitted accordingly once you’ve chosen the best cock ring from physical sex shops and stores over the World Wide Web.

Read more about cockrings and ways to combat erectile dysfunction – and to stay on salute when it counts – through news and reviews on this site!

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